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For 12V Hikoki (Hitachi) Battery Replacement | BCL1030 3.0Ah Li-ion Battery 2 Pack

For 12V Hikoki (Hitachi) Battery Replacement | BCL1030 3.0Ah Li-ion Battery 2 Pack

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This is a brand new replacement battery for the Hitachi BCL 1030 Replacement and Hitachi's 329370 battery. This Hitachi BCL 1030 Battery Replacement is an extended- life battery packed with 33% more power than the original.

Compatible Models & Batteries:
Hitachi CJ10DL,Hitachi CR 10DL,Hitachi DB 10DL,Hitachi DB 3DL,Hitachi DS 10DFL,Hitachi FCG 10DL, Hitachi FCH 10DL, Hitachi FCR 10DL, Hitachi FDB10DFL, Hitachi FDB10DL,?Hitachi FDS 10DFL, Hitachi FWH 10DCL, Hitachi FWH 10DFL, Hitachi FWH 10DL, Hitachi GP10DL,?Hitachi UB 10DL, Hitachi UC 10 SFL,?Hitachi UC 10 SL, Hitachi WH 10DCL, Hitachi WH 10DFL, Hitachi WH 10DL

Hitachi 329369, Hitachi 329370, Hitachi 329371, Hitachi 329389, Hitachi 331065, Hitachi BCL 1015, Hitachi BCL 1030A, Hitachi BCL 1030, Hitachi BCL 1030M

Item specifics
3.Battery Type: Li-ion
4.Color: Black
5.Brand: VANON
6.Package: carton
7.Warranty: 1 Year
8.Replace OEM P/N: For Hitachi BCL1030

1. Intelligent program protection prevents from overcharge
2. The battery uses the highest quality cells, safe with rapid-charge technology while providing overcharge and over-discharge protection to increase the life of the battery3.Compatibility with the original
4.Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
5.No memory effect.
6. We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence¡£30daysmone back and 1-year warranty.

Storage Method:
1. Keep the battery away from heat and metal accessories
2. Give a full discharge and charge every month during storage time. don't stay battery on the charger unless in charging
4. Don't store in the damp and direct-sun exposure

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