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For BOSCH 14.4V BAT140 4.6Ah Ni-MH Battery Replacement

For BOSCH 14.4V BAT140 4.6Ah Ni-MH Battery Replacement

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Compatible Models:
Bosch 1661, Bosch 1661K,Bosch 22614,Bosch 23614,Bosch 32614, Bosch 32614-2G,Bosch 33614, Bosch 33614-2G,Bosch 3454, Bosch 3454-01, Bosch 3454SB,Bosch 34614, Bosch 35614,Bosch 3660K, Bosch 3660CK,Bosch 52314,Bosch 53514,Bosch AHS 41, Bosch ART 26,Bosch GDR 14.4 V, Bosch GDS 14.4 V, Bosch GHO 14.4 V, Bosch GHO 14.4VH,Bosch GLI 14.4V, Bosch GSB 14.4 VE-2, Bosch GSB 14.4VE-2B,Bosch GSR 14.4 V, Bosch GSR 14.4 VE-2, Bosch GSR 14.4 VPE-2, Bosch GSR 14.4V-2B,Bosch GST 14.4 V,Bosch GWS 14.4 V, Bosch GWS 14.4V/3B, Bosch GWS 14.4VH,Bosch PAG 14.4V, Bosch PDR 14.4V/N, Bosch PKS 14.4V, Bosch PSB 14.4V,Bosch PSR 14.4, Bosch PSR 14.4-2, Bosch PSR 14.4VE-2(/B),Bosch PSR1440, Bosch PSR1440/B, Bosch PST 14.4V

Item specifics:
3.Battery Type:Ni-MH
5.Brand: VANON
6.Package: carton
7.Warranty: 1 Year
8.Replace OEM P/N:For BOSCH BAT140

1.Intelligent program protection prevents from over charge
2.High quality replacement battery
3.Compatibility with the original
4.Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
5.No memory effect.

1. The battery must be FULLY charged before first use.
2. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
3. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
4. Do not put battery into water and fire.
5. Keep away from children.
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