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For Dewalt 20V Battery Replacement 5Ah 2 Pack With Charger For Dewalt 20V & 12V Li-Ion | Replace DCB115 DCB107 DCB100 DCB112 Battery

For Dewalt 20V Battery Replacement 5Ah 2 Pack With Charger For Dewalt 20V & 12V Li-Ion | Replace DCB115 DCB107 DCB100 DCB112 Battery

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For Dewalt DCB200 Battery

Replace Original Dewalt Battery Code: (use "ctrl+F")
DCB180, DCB181, DCB182, DCB201, DCB201-2, DCB200, DCB200-2, DCB203, DCB204-2, DCB205-2

Compatible Models: (use "ctrl+F")

For Dewalt N123283, N123282, DCB201-2, DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB181-XJ, DCB181, DCB180

For Dewalt DCD Series DCD740, DCD740B, DCD771C2, DCD777, DCD780, DCD780B, DCD780C2, DCD780L2, DCD785C2, DCD785L2, DCD980L2, DCD980M2, DCD985B, DCD985L2 DCD985XR, DCD985L2, DCD780C2, DCD780B, DCD790B, DCD740C1, DCD740B

For Dewalt DCF Series DCF787, DCF880C1-JP, DCF883B, DCF883L2, DCF885, DCF885B, DCF885C2, DCF885L2, DCF895B, DCF895C2, DCF895L2 DCF895L2, DCF895C2, DCF895B, DCF885L2, DCF885C2, DCF885B, DCF883L2, DCF883B, DCF880C1-JP, DCF883B

For Dewalt DCG Series DCG412, DCG412B, DCG412L2 DCS308B, DCS367B, DCS387B, DCS355D1, DCS331B, DCS331L1, DCS331L2, DCS331N, DCS380B, DCS380L1, DCS381, DCS391B, DCS391L1, DCS393 DCS393, DCS391L2, DCS391L1, DCS391B, DCS381, DCS380L2, DCH214L2

For Dewalt DCK Series DCK240C2, DCK283D2, DCK277C2, DCK299M2, DCK940D2

Item specifics:
1.Voltage: 20V
2.Capacity: 5000mAh
3.Battery Type: Li-ion
4.Color: Yellow and Black
5.Warranty: 1 Year
6.Brand: VANON

1.Intelligent program protection prevents from overcharge
2. High-quality replacement battery
3.Compatibility with the original
4.Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
5.No memory effect.

1. The battery must be FULLY charged before first use.
2. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
3. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
4. Do not put the battery into water and fire.
5. Keep away from children.

For Dewalt DCB112 Charger

Replace Charger:

 DCB101, DCB107, DCB105, DCB115, DCB118

Compatible Battery:

20V Battery : DCB204,DCB205, DCB206, DCB203, DCB201, DCB200

12V Battery : DCB120, DCB127, DCB121, DCB123, DCB100


  • High compatibility for Dewalt 12-20V 2A Li-ion batteries.
  • Good heat dissipation and long service life.
  • The Li-ion battery can be charged at any time without reducing its service life.
  • Interrupting the charging procedure does not damage the battery.
  • High-speed performance, charging is more time-saving. 
  • Simply plug and play, easy to use.


Model: DCB112

Material: Plastic

Brand: VANON

 Color: black

Plug: US plug

Compatible: for Dewalt 12-20V Li-ion batteries

Input: 100-260V 50-60Hz

Output: 22V 2A

Working temperature: 5¡æ ~ 40¡æ

Size:150 X 110 x 60mm

Warranty: 1 year

Package Included:

x Battery for Dewalt DCB200

1 x Battery Charger for Dewalt 20V & 12V Li-ion Battery

1 x Manual


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