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FOR Hikoki (Hitachi) EB 1212S 12V 3600mAh NI-MH Battery Replacement

FOR Hikoki (Hitachi) EB 1212S 12V 3600mAh NI-MH Battery Replacement

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Brand: Vanon
Voltage: 12Volts
Capacity: 3600mAh(3.6Ah)
Battery Type: NI-MH
Brand: Vanon
Warranty: 1 Year

Compatible P/N:
320386, 320387, 320388, 320606, 320608, 320686, 321652, 322434, 322629, 323226, 324279, 324360, 324361, 324362, EB 1212S, EB 1214L, EB 1214S, EB 1220BL, EB 1220HL, EB 1220HS, EB 1220RS, EB 1222HL, EB 1226HL, EB 1230HL, EB 1230R, EB 1230X, EB 1233X

Compatible With:
Hikoki (Hitachi) C 5D,CD 4D,CL 13D,DB 12DM2,DH 15D2,DH 15DV,DN 12DY,DN 12DYK,DN 12Y,DW 18D,FDS 12DVC,FDV 12DV,R 9D,RB 18D,UB 12DL,UB 5D,WP 12DA
Hikoki (Hitachi) DS Series: DS 10DTA, DS 10DVA, DS 12DM,DS 12DM2, DS 12DV, DS 12DVB,DS 12DVB2, DS 12DVB2KS, DS 12DVF,DS 12DVF2, DS 12DVF3
Hikoki (Hitachi) FWH Series: FWH 12DC2, FWH 12DC3, FWH 12DD, FWH 12DF
Hikoki (Hitachi) WH Series: WH 12DAF, WH 12DAF2, WH 12DC, WH 12DM, WH 12DM2, WH 12DM2K, WH 12DMR, WH 12DMR2
Hikoki (Hitachi) WR Series: WR 12DAF, WR 12DAF2, WR 12DM, WR 12DM2, WR 12DMR

1.Intelligent program protection prevents from over charge
2.High quality replacement battery
3.Compatibility with the original
4.Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
5.No memory effect.

1. The battery must be FULLY charged before first use.
2. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
3. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
4. Do not put the battery into water and fire.
5. Keep away from children.

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