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For Ryobi 18V 5.0Ah Battery Replacement 4-PACK With Charger For Ryobi 12V-18V P117 P104 Ni-Cd & Ni-Mh

For Ryobi 18V 5.0Ah Battery Replacement 4-PACK With Charger For Ryobi 12V-18V P117 P104 Ni-Cd & Ni-Mh

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We Promise:

  • 100% Compatible Combo
  • 2-7 Days Fast delivery
  • 30-Days Money-Back
  • Compatible Battery Model:

    For Ryobi 12V and 18V One Plus Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh & Lithium-Ion Battery Charger P117 (Not work with 12V lithium-ion Battery) 

    Ryobi 18V Lithium Battery: 
    BPL-1815, BPL-1820G, BPL18151, BPL1820, P102, P103, P104, P105, P106, P107, P108

    Ryobi 18V NiMH Battery: 
    130224028, 130224007, 130255004, ABP1801, ABP1803, BCP1817/2SM, BPP-1813, BPP-1815, BPP-1817, BPP-1817/2, BPP-1817M, BPP-1820

    Ryobi 18V NiCd Battery: 
    P100, ABP1803, BPP-1813, BPP-1815, BPP-1817, BPP-1817/2, BPP-1817M, BPP-1820, BPP1817M

    Ryobi 14.4V NiCd Battery: 
    Ryobi 1314702 130224010,CBI1442D, CDL1441P, CDL144

    Ryobi 12V NiCd Battery:
    130269003, 1400652B



    1. Product Type: Replacement Dual Chemical Ryobi Battery Charger
    2.Input: 100V--240V
    3.Output: 12V - 18V
    4. Efficiency: 85W
    5. Brand: Vanon
    6.Warranty: 1 Year

    Package Includes:

    4x Ryobi 18V P108 5.0Ah battery 
    1 x Ryobi 12V-18V P117 P104 charger


    The charger has patented IntelliPort Technology, which protects battery cells, maximizes battery life, and conserves energy so well it earned an ENERGY STAR rating. The diagnostic read-out provides charging status and even lets you know if the battery is too hot or cold to charge.

    Refunds And Returns For Conditions

    Within 90 days, if the product has the following problems, we will allow the refund or exchange of the product (The premise is that the product has not been any damage or disassembly) :
    (1)The product cannot be charged.
    (2)The product cannot be used on power tools.
    (3)The product does not match the description on the website.
    If you meet the above criteria, you can record a video to prove that the product doesn't work. And sent it to Once we confirm that the products cannot work, we will refund or exchange. These problems will be solved within 3 business days.

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