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Upgrade For Bosch 18V Battery Replacement | BAT609 BAT609G BAT610 BAT610G 5.0Ah Li-ion Battery 2 Pack

Upgrade For Bosch 18V Battery Replacement | BAT609 BAT609G BAT610 BAT610G 5.0Ah Li-ion Battery 2 Pack

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Compatible With:  (use"Ctrl+F" )

Bosch BAT609, BAT609G, BAT618, BAT618G, BAT619, BAT619G, BAT610G
Bosch 2607336169, 2607336170, 2607336236, 2607336235, 2607336091, 2607336092

Compatible model:
Bosch 17618, Bosch 17618-01, Bosch 25618-01, Bosch 25618-02, Bosch 3601H61S10, Bosch 36618-02, Bosch 37618, Bosch 37618-01, Bosch CCS180, Bosch CCS180B, Bosch CCS180K, Bosch CFL180, Bosch CRS180, Bosch CRS180B, Bosch CRS180K, Bosch GDR18V-Li, Bosch GDS18V-Li, Bosch GSB18VE-2-Li, Bosch GSR18VE-2-Li, Bosch GSR18V-Li 

Item specifics:
3.Battery Type: Li-ion
4. Color: Black and Red
5. Warranty: 1 Year
6. Brand: VANON

1. Built-in Protection against overcharging, over-discharge, over-current, provides short circuit protection and a steady voltage circuit.
2.No memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.
3. These Batteries work as the original does, products are CE, FCC and ROHS certified.
4. Tested by the manufacturer to match OEM products, safe for you or your family members to use.
5. All CEENR products offer 12 months to solve quality issues from the date of purchase. If you encounter any product quality problems, please contact us immediately by email and we will try our best to solve it!

1. Please use Battery Regularly and Charge Battery Completely.
2. Don’t Leave Battery on Charger all the time;
3. Please keep the battery Cool and Dry;
4. Keep away from children.

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