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Customize MY CHORES CHECKLIST Task Board (Customizable name)

Customize MY CHORES CHECKLIST Task Board (Customizable name)

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Our Unique Design lets slides move easily and "CLICK" into place, STAYING PUT even when jarred or shaken!
Perfect for Kids to take with them as they do their daily tasks, promoting independence and responsibility!
No pens, markers, or stickers needed, and chores won't rub off or smear!

We'll create a professionally designed custom checklist for you using high quality images that exactly match the chores you choose!

Made from bio-degradable plastic (PLA), ensuring it's non-toxic to pets and humans. Each Checklist is Custom Designed, Assembled, Tested, and Quality Inspected before we ship!

Includes a hole in the back designed for hanging your checklist.

Measuring approximately 6 1/2" tall by 4" wide, our checklists are the perfect size for kids to carry with them as they do their daily chores.

Designed, Created and Built EXCLUSIVELY by Wordodiy. Here are some of our UNIQUE FEATURES£º

? MS Word Template available (free with purchase) for creating your own custom list.£¨You can choose your own different task icons and customize different languages.)
? Individually customized, high-quality images that match whatever chores you chose
? Sliders move easily, "CLICK" into place, and won't move if bumped or shaken.
? Checks and Xs are inlayed so that they can't easily scratch or wear off.
? Includes a slot in the back to easily hang the checklist anywhere.
? 3D Printed in bio-degradable plastic (PLA). Non-toxic to pets and humans.
? Each checklist comes fully assembled, tested, and quality inspected.

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